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InnoSoft - ERP

Program Management, Enterprise Resource Management System will link information on all operations of an organization such as the Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Account, Production, MRP, MPS, BOM, Costing, MMS addition, ERP can also be associated with. Or outside the organization, such as customers, partners, suppliers, etc.


Registration documents with index cards, only the latest document versions. (Archive Collection History) documents, submitted for review. And automatic approval route, automatic document destroyed (moving or deleting) the group of documents, supporting documents electronica Knicks all types, document storage is not wrong.With documents in the file, find documents quickly by searching three forms: full search, search and search daily, check the documents in the system.And security based on user permissions.

INNOSOFT 360 o Evaluation System

Program staff, 360 developed to assess employees within the organization who were assessed to be the center and divide the evaluation into several levels from colleagues, subordinates, supervisors, customers result. the assessment can be analyzed into a report or graph. To be presented to the executive staff development. Modify the position or salary next.

Innosoft WMS & Logistics

A system for warehouse management solutions. Supports Barcode system management products to help manage systems from receiving goods into the warehouse, storage, moving goods, picking, inventory counting, packaging and delivery, and support. multiple warehouses simultaneously (Multi- warehouse).


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