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  • Idea
    • We start by helping you refine your idea and then extract all the requirements. We have in-depth discussions with our client and create a roadmap for the app in the form of user stories & milestones.
  • Scope
    • Where most projects fall over is in the lack of detailed documentation upfront and throughout the development process. we ensure that the whole project is thoroughly documented to leave room for no mistakes.
  • Design
    • By designing the User Experience first we can quickly move into finalising the graphic design to map up the first screen. Our process lets you check off all designs at each step of the way. Wireframes, graphics, user interface, user experience. We define not only how the app looks, but also how it feels.


  • Programming
    • Our team of highly qualified application developers will program the screens and business rules into the logic of the user experience. This is all based on the documentation captured in the beginning of the application development process. We determine which technology is best suited for the project and ensure that the architecture is solid and scales.
  • Testing
    • Professionally programmed applications require less testing. Regardless, we carefully test each and every application by running it through a rigorous testing process.
  • Launch
    • We handle the process of uploading your application to the App Marketplace and handle the review process.

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